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Maya Groomer's Tools is a collection of Python scripts that will enhance your day-to-day groom work workflow in Maya.

Version Updates:

Now Supporting Maya 2024.

What am I getting from membership?

  • All tools developed and released.
  • All future version updates including all new tools, bug fixes, and feature updates.
  • This tool kit is NOT ONLY for XGen users. If you are using Maya, you will find great value and usefulness with the Maya Curves Tools in this package!

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  • An internet connection is required for licensing on each usage.
  • Maya 2022 or newer. Groomer's Tool is tested with Maya 2022, Maya 2023 and Maya 2024 on Windows. Though most tools will still run in older versions of Maya, please note that some functionalities of certain tools will not work. Please take note of this before purchasing it as there will be no further development on older Maya versions.

Subscription Options:

  • Visa (Please consider this option to avoid extra charges!)
  • Paypal

This package includes ALL of the following tools:

Maya Curve utility tools:

  • Curves From Tube/Card Tool: Extract curves from poly tubes or cards (all edges or user-defined). Define how many curves you want to extract from each tube/card, and it will automatically do it all for you. With the ability to create a curve in the center of each tube/card!
  • Curves From Center Curve Tool: Create in-between curves based on a center curve with distance control, with an adjustable 'center curve' for further 'guiding' of curve generations, useful for filling in the middle parts of the hair.
  • Curves Trim Tool: Trim all selected curves on selected geometry with just one click!
  • Multi Curve Reverse Tool: Reversing curve cv direction can be a pain. Instead of one by one selection, select the 'end parts' of all curves, and it will just flip all curves for you! Or, smart reverse with a reference object.
  • Curve CV Rebuild Tool: Re-distribute CVs evenly across short and long curves evenly automatically based on "distance"!
  • Curve Snap Tool: Snap curve roots/tips to geo with controllable fall-off!
  • Curve Cut Tool: Cut all selected Maya curves with a %, or randomly!
  • PaintFX Tool: Draw paint FX straight on any mesh, convert them to curves in groups, snap, and deform them with mesh!
  • Curve Clump/Repel: Clump or repel Maya selected Maya curves.
  • Curve Manipulator: 1. Randomly select curves with a %. 2. Manipulate curve transforms in object mode with falloff.
  • Curve Populate Tool: Scatters curves to a mesh. Creates 'in-between' curves from two 'side' curves from a paint stroke, or from a custom extracted curve.
  • Curve To Proxy Tool: Convert Maya curve(s) to tubes or cards.
  • Curve To Twists Tool: Convert Maya curve(s) to twisting curves.
  • Curve To Curl Tool: Convert Maya curve(s) to curls with dynamic controls
  • Braid Tool: Convert a Maya curve to Braids with dynamic controls. With the feature to extract side curves for cornrows.
  • Maya Curve Copy/Paste: Copy and paste from one Maya curve to other curves!
  • Maya Curve Pivot to Root: One click to set pivot to all curve roots.
  • Maya Add Curve Tool: Quickly click on a mesh to generate in-between curves!
  • Maya Sculpt Curve Tool: Sculpt directly on Maya Curve(s).

XGen (Core Guide Workflow Based) Tools:

  • XGen Guide Color Tool: Color layer organization for XGen guides. This tool will paint, and bake a map for you automatically.
  • Guide Toggle: When you have multiple descriptions and want to toggle all the guides on/off? simply click one button with this tool, no more going into each description and toggling it on and off manually!
  • Multi Description Refresh Tool: Turn auto refresh on/off, and set the preview percentage on multiple descriptions.
  • Guide Distance Check Tool: Detect possible duplicated guides, or guides that are within proximity of each based on user input distance.
  • Custom Shader Parameter Tool: Easily copy, remove, or add multiple "custom shader parameters" from XGen UI without having to type the names in manually.
  • Auto Sort Attributes Tool: Sorts alphabetically all attributes in the global expression tab and categorizes them based on the attribute type.
  • Multi-Clump Bake Tool: Re-bake all clumping modifiers when all clumping maps need to be updated! Good for when you are placing guides and when you have multiple 'child' clump modifiers that need to re-bake control maps from their parent!
  • Guide Cut Tool: cut XGen Guide(s) based on %.
  • XGen Isolator/Ptex viewer: Want to isolate just the part of hair you are working on? Want to easily assign PTEX files to primitives or guides, or assign PTEX files to scalp mesh for detailing purposes? This utility can do all those!
  • XGen Descriptions to Curves Tool: Easily converts all guides from multiple Xgen descriptions to curves for backup purposes, or converts them to dynamically linked curves for animation purposes. Now comes with export Curve to .fbx file for easy transfer between grooming software.
  • XGen Blendshape Tool: Blendshape XGen hair to a new base model (with the same topology)
  • XGen Ptex Shortcuts: Access to all your XGen Ptex maps in one place. Import/Export any maps and continue to use Maya3DPaint or export them to .tiff files with the resolution you pick.
  • Snap XGen Guide to Maya Curve/Tube/Card: Snapping XGen guide to curves, tubes, or cards.
  • XGen Modifier Rename Rename XGen modifiers! (Have to say, this is a dangerous tool! Please use with caution!)
  • Interactive Groom Guide to Maya Curves
  • XGen Scalp Geo Rename Tool (Release Testing)
  • XGen Guide Collection Rename Tool (Release Testing)
  • XGen Guide Description Rename Tool (Release Testing)
  • XGen Groomable Spline Transfer (Release Testing)
  • XGen Deep Backup: Since XGen is always 'live', this tool allows deep copies of all files necessary, allows you to roll back to a version with a click of a button.

Please review the EULA before purchasing this product.

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Tools for Grooming in Maya

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Windows 10/11
Version Tested
Maya 2020/2022/2023/2024


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Maya Groomer's Tools - Subscription

41 ratings